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Mel McMahon

Phone 317-446-3864
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Mrs. Mel McMahon
Indiana Originals
4622 W. 72nd St
Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Mel McMahon

Indiana Originals

Director Consultant

My BusinessOur Mission: Create stronger, healthier communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of independent, Indiana owned businesses. is your search engine for independent businesses owned and based in Indiana. What started as a personal lists of favorite entertainment spots, restaurants, professional services and more has turned into a growing, statewide directory of locally owned and operated businesses that are headquartered in Indiana. Every business on is: 1. Indiana owned and operated 2. Headquartered in Indiana Businesses you won’t find on 1. Franchises headquartered outside of Indiana 2. Direct Sales Reps for businesses headquartered outside of Indiana Studies consistently show that independent businesses return three to five times more money to their local communities than chains based out of state. Join us.