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Marilyn Birt
Body Wise International
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Marilyn Birt

Body Wise International


My BusinessProducts to help people stay well and out of Drs. offices.

Ideal Referral1. Person that has colds & flu all winter 2. Person needing to lose weight 3. Manopausal age woman chosing her calcium product 4. Person whose Dr. has told them to take fish oil. 5. Person with eye disease in their family. 6. Person with high cholesterol/triglycerides. 7. Women with "female" discomforts.

Top ProductRight Choice supplements

Top Problem Solved1. Helped a person reduce their triglycerides from 368 to 185.

My Favorite BNI StoryBNI member that had been taking the Right Choice supplements had open hert surgery. His Dr. told him he did better and recuperated faster than any patient he had ever had. That his body was prepared for the trauma that it just went through thanks to Body Wise.

My Ideal Referral PartnerEye Dr., Massage therapists, Physical fitness, Chiropractors